The Order

Initially organized in 1911 as the New York Branch of the National Order which was founded in Maryland by Mrs. Hester Dorsey Richardson, the branch became the largest and most active in the society. In 1933, at the suggestion of Mrs. Richardson, the necessary steps were taken for the branch to become the National Order of Colonial Lords of Manors in America, Incorporated, and this format has been retained since that time.

The mission of the Order is to research and preserve the history of patroonships, seigneuries, and manors in Colonial North America as well as to promote historic preservation and education on colonial life.

Membership in the Order is solely by invitation, and is open to men and women who are lineally descended in either the male or female line from a recognized Patroon, Seigneur, or Lord of a Manor of New Netherland, the Province of New York, the Province of Maryland, or a similar system of landholding (with Court Leet or Court Baron) in any other of the original colonies.

If you are a member, and are not receiving invitations to our annual meeting,
please contact us to provide your new mailing and email addresses.